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work samples

Here are samples of work I've completed in the past. Some of my work is password protected, or may have elements that have been redacted for privacy purposes.

Charitable Impact


Freelance & volunteer



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What I do best

These are the core skills that I've honed throughout my years as a researcher.


I've conducted many rounds of user testing, both moderated and unmoderated. I know how to create unbiased tests that assess usability and comprehension for different kinds of applications.

Usability testing
Content testing
First click testing 
IA testing

I've conducted multiple interviews, in tandem with other research methods. I'm great at forming rapport with research participants, and know how to formulate questions that prompt rich, detailed responses.

Interview scripting
Interview coding
Thematic analysis
Polling & Surveying

I've set up pop-up polls and longer surveys to understand users' feedback on different topics. I know how to structure and order questions to prevent biased responses.


I've used tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar to track users' behaviour flows and usage trends, to better understand how users interact with web pages and applications.

Conversion funnels
Research Operations

I'm experienced in recruiting different kinds of research participants, as well as scheduling and leading research initiatives. I've started a research participant panel, and have built up a repository of research insights that is scaleable and shareable.

Recruiting participants
Managing participants
Research insights repository
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